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Illegal Immigrants War

Why are our politicians trying to cause another civil war by putting people against people and labeling them “Illegal Immigrants”?

Lets analyze the term more closely for a moment.

Illegal – Automatically implies that we are talking about someone that committed a crime.

It is important to me to first say this; just because something is made into law and considered illegal it does it mean it is a good law and it does not mean it is constitutional.

Also while you read this post I would like to suggest that you put yourself in the shoes of the people which you considered “illegals”, which for most people constitutes as anyone that has a different skin color and different ethnicity.

For argument sakes picture this: You are the father/mother of 2 or more kids, you work over 60 hours per week to try to feed your family and provide them a good life and your are pretty sure that you will be working 60 hours per week for the rest of your life making extremely little money. We are not talking dollars per hour here we are talking about $0.40 per hour or less for a total of about $100 per month, your bills are: rent, electricity, water, monthly food for the whole family and the other stuff that people need everyday. Even though you work as much as you can and see your family very little as a result when you do see them you notice the sadness in their little eyes, you notice how skinny and hungry they are because after paying bills you didn’t have enough money to buy the right amount of food, candies are a once in a blue moon type of deal for the kids, holidays for you are nothing more than pure pressure and stress, on Christmas your not happy because, all that Santa brings is a slap in your face letting you know that you have failed your family and kids, this Christmas they will go without any present at all and you thank god that you and your family can have a meal on Christmas.

Here is the breakdown monthly:

Income: $100,00
Rent: $ 60,00
Utilities:$ 25,00
Food: whatever is left about $15.00 for the month.

Now that you have imagined a complete different life I have a few questions for you;

  • What would you do to give your family a better life?
  • Can you take watching your kids go hungry and crying because they are hungry most of the time?
  • Would you leave your family behind, so that you can provide them with money so they can eat and grow properly?

Most people that come to the USA does not really want to, however circumstances about their life forces them to come and work to support their family which they had to leave them behind, they make this great sacrifice in order to provide them with life’s essentials and to make sure their kids don’t go hungry anymore.

Now if you are parent you’ll know that there is no pain greater than seeing your child suffer. Even if you are not a parent consider yourself as parents of all the kids of the world, because we are all connected, we are all humans living in the same place called Earth, separation is an illusion just like a rock.

A rock you ask? Here is my point; a piece of rock that you see is nothing more than an illusion, it looks solid to our eyes however once we analyze the rock we find out that it is made out of millions of atoms which are in constant high speed motion which gives the rock the illusion of being a solid material, however in true the rock is not solid from the atoms point of view.

Just like the rock our separateness is an illusion because we are all one, all connected and responsible for each other well being, your family it is not only what you consider family but every human being in this planet from the point of view of an atom and mine.

In a Utopian world people shouldn’t have to suffer from basic necessaries such as food and basic utilities, everyone should have the right to more than enough food and the right to keep warm during the winter, all that is needed to accomplish this is for people to stop thinking of themselves as separate and use all the trillions and more that the world spends on wars and defense every year and use it to feed, shelter the people of the world, but thats another topic.

“Illegals” are only doing one thing, they are working and if people consider working illegal then we are all guilty, given the choice to feed my family between working or committing some serious crime like robing someone for example I would definitely choose working.

We have to stop splitting family up because one person of the family is not a citizen while another is, family should have the right to stay together and forced family separation should be a crime and inhumane.
We all ought to stop treating people that choose to work like if they robbed a bank it is not the same thing.

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Developers wanted dead or alive


Hi guys, I have project that I would like to start however I lack the required programming skills needed to accomplish this task so I was wondering if there are any C++/.Net/Java/PhP/JavaScript/Flash developers looking to do some work in the side, I have no plans on paying for development efforts at the moment however I do intent on sharing profits resulting from this project with the developers that help me build it, please see below for the requirements and the terms and conditions.

What do I need coded exactly?

Well unfortunally I cannot say here for the moment, however if you are a developer and want to help and agree with the terms and conditions for this project of mine then send me an email: quantumfreeze(at)yahoo(dot)com and we can start the paperwork and process of getting this off the ground.

Types of Developers and Experiences Required;

  • Previous Firefox extension development experience needed.
  • Internet Explorer extension development experience needed.
  • Must be a fast learner to cope with unforeseen problems and provide out of the box solutions to such problems.
  • Knowledge of one or more major programming languages such as: C/C++/C#, .Net, Java, Perl and JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of one or more database systems such as: MySQL/Oracle DB/MS SQL.
  • Knowledge of Flash, Perl and JavaScript a major plus.

Term and conditions:

The developers must agree with the following;

  • There will be no compensation for this project until this project goes live and becomes profitable.
  • Developers must agree with NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and Confidentiality Agreement.
  • Developers must send us proof of identity with photo (example Drivers License certified copy).
  • Developers must be available to work a minimum of 15 hours per week.
  • Developers must agree to be available online for team meetings and project management meetings.
  • I will determine which developers gets what percentage of the profits based on the developers participation and contribution to the project (there may be a more formal performance system implemented on a later date).

Electronics Standards Why Not? power/data/audio/video all in one

I am reminded of another annoyance, why do we have so many freaking cable cords and chargers laying around? It is time for a single charger and cable to be able to transmit data and power, what I mean by that is that my computer should have only one cord coming out of the back of it and that cord should be able to provide the computer for example with power/internet/phone line/audio and video, also I should have only one charger which can be used to power/charge my ipod/cell/tv/cordless phone/speakers/camcorders/PSP/Xbox/PS3/Video Monitor etc…, it is time for a standard in power/data/video/audio delivery. I must have in total over 50 chargers and over 100 cables in my closet from the devices I currently own or owned at one point, imagine all the material that would saved if we can design a single smart system that delivers power/data/video/audio to multiple devices with a single cable, I am not saying that all the devices would require the same amount of power however the device should be smart enough to determine what amount of power is required by the connected device and deliver that precise amount, also once said device is charged it should put itself on standby mode saving money and power.

The Future of the Internet is Coming

The internet as a whole (the infrastructure) has not changed since it’s beginning in he 70’s, however it’s use has changed a lot from the original use that was intended back them, and it will continue to do so, in the near future expect your TV to have programing transmitted over the internet instead of the old radio/cable transmission systems, your cell phone is another device which will eventually migrate over to the internet, basically all of our communications systems in place now will be replaced and we will be using the internet for all of our communication systems and more, I talking about your TV/Phone/Car/etc will be powered by the internet.

Is the Internet Secure?

Why are we still so insecure online and offline as well? we should never have to give our credit cards numbers, mothers maiden name or social security online. Our security methods are inefficient and cumbersome. Also the security of the internet as a whole is a complete joke, with our global DNS servers are the most vulnerable part of the internet system, this is a single point of failure and it should be changed before someone uses it against the people, in short we need to come up with a 21th century solution instead of relying on 1970’s solution to protect us in 2007 and beyond.

First order of business (drum roll)

Well I keep being amazed and annoyed in the inefficient world we still live in today, sure we have made tremendous progress recently however we still haven’t progress enough in my mind. There are thousands of things that we do today that could be done better and smarter, I’ll list some examples in this post but there will be many more in the future.Why is it that when we get hired for a job we have to fill out tons of paperwork? I mean everything will be entered into a computer anyways, why can’t the forms be filled by a computer with the basic information instead of I having to write my name, address, social security, phone number, etc… over and over again. The same applies when buy a car/home etc…